Do we need a new approach to Residents’ Surveys?


Friday, April 29th 2016

Westco have been providing opinion research in the public sector for nearly ten years and one of our core products is the classic local authority “Residents’ Survey”. Across the sector these can take a variety of forms in terms of the questions asked or the methodological approach used. If you were to map them out there are clear evolutionary links between surveys with questions tweaked and shared over time, yet often no two surveys are fully comparable as they reflect local priorities and their own unique history of the survey. 


There have been various attempts to bring them back in line to a consistent approach but the baggage of the past often overwhelms the desire for radical change.

In order to address this challenge, Westco will be launching the Westco Insight Network on 11th May 2016 at Westminster City Hall. Read 3 reasons to reconsider your approach to the classic Residents' Survey by Westco and Westminster City Council's Neil Wholey here, or to find out more about the launch of the Westco Insight Network click here.