Kingston Council launches 'Visceral Imagery' Campaign with the help of Westco


Monday, September 7th 2015
Author: Samuel Walker

The Royal Borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames recently announced the launch of a new 'visceral imagery' ad campaign in cooperation with Westco - with a feature in PRWeek magazine.

Using the strapline 'You wouldn't do this at home', the ads are a direct response to resident concerns that their much-loved streets are being fouled due to a lack of consideration on the part of a minority of people. The ads, developed with the local community, are designed to directly challenge perceptions of acceptable behaviours, and serve to highlight the penalties such actions can bring.

Westco’s Cormac Smith told PR Week ‘The biggest single challenge that’s facing local government at the moment is changing the relationship with local people. The message is the world has changed. You can’t just rely on the council to do everything for you; we need citizens taking ownership of the services that are probably – and I am talking as a local resident here myself – taken for granted."

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